Alfried Borkenstein

Already as a child, Alfried was a little creative genius. At the age of three, he would build a Lego tower surpassing his short feet at arm’s length. He would build castles with his colored Duplo stones that would have made many a royal blush up to their ears. At the age of six he could already swim without swimmies, ride a monobike and write his name with both his hands at the same time. Despite his myopia, he could distinguish apples and oranges already in primary school and entertain reckless calculations with them. After school, little Alfried enjoyed dedicating himself to playing; later on, Knight Rider was on his schedule. Unfortunately, little time remained for doing his homework. Consequently, he discovered his liking to copy & paste already at school age. This showed to be a talent he would draw on many a time in his later career.


CCA Goldene Venus, Red Dot Award, Green Panther, Momentum Award