Green Panther

Corporate Design, Web Design, Event Design

Green Panther is the most renowned annual styrian award for advertising. Our concept won the pitch to create the corporate design and the events. The idea was to grow the respect for this award and the organizing institution. The Green Panther 2009 should not be perceived as an event only but also as a platform provoking changes and new forces for the promotional landscape in Austria. So the Green Panther Movement was established to alert advertisers about their political responsibility, to critically analyze advertisements and to present ethical and sustainable campaigns with lasting effects. The target was to invite the creatives to open their eyes for more adventurous and courageous communication approaches. Creative work must be all about having fun at work, showing faith and communicating ideas and concepts that are pushing the boundaries.
Design & Concept, Text: Alfried Borkenstein, Tomislav Bobinec
Event: Andreas Thalhammer KOOP

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